What photography gear do you recommend for beginners?

I've compelled a list of some of my favorite gear below. I only promote products that I personally use or can recommend without hesitation.

CAMERA BODIES, LENSES, FLASH I recommend you start with an entry-level crop-sensor DSLR from Canon, Sony, or Nikon, and add a 50 mm or 35 mm prime lens to expand the versatility of your camera. For about $200-300, you can add a flash or Speedlite to your setup, and then you can do so much with your starter kit! Click the link below to see my top recommendations for your beginner setup. FAQ's (1).png

MIRRORLESS CAMERAS I made the switch to Sony Mirrorless cameras in 2020, but I previously was a longtime Canon user (still am as a second/backup setup).

I am using the Sony A7RIII camera body with my canon prime lenses, as well as the Sony G-Master series 24-70 2.8 and Sony G-Master 70-200 2.8 zoom lenses. What camera equipment do you use_.png Sony makes a more affordable mirrorless camera for entry-level photographers: the Sony Alpha A6100. You can use a lens convertor with more affordable Canon lenses or go for the native lens system: Sony 50 mm 1.8 lens.

I use the Profoto A1X Air TTL Sony flashes and am thrilled with their performance. Profoto also makes Nikon and Canon versions of this light.