What is the difference between a headshot and a branding portrait?

A headshot will provide a picture of your head and shoulders only. This is best for your LinkedIn profile, your Website, or other purposes in which it's helpful to share your image and personality. We shoot these in our studio and use a simple, neutral background usually.

If you need something a little more specialized but don't have time for a location shoot right now, we offer a compositing service, which means that we can take your headshot in our studio and add your selection from our library of unique and interesting backgrounds after your shoot, using editing tools. We can even simply change the background from a neutral color to the color of your choice.


Headshot of Pittsburgh Physician

Composited Headshot:

Composite image headshot

Composite image headshot

A branding portrait is suited for more involved shoots where you will need a full length portrait, an environmental portrait, or more extensive imagery for the purposes of personal branding or business. This type of shoot is best if you need anything more than a head and shoulders portrait in our studio. For example, you might want to shoot on-location outside or in your place of business. You might want lifestyle-type portraits of you doing your work. You may want to showcase interesting tools of the trade or equipment unique to you and your business. We have worked with everyone from physicians and lawyers to personal trainers, musicians, and real estate agents, and we love coming up with creative and commercially-viable imagery for our clients in their workplaces.

Branding portrait of a personal trainer:

Branding Portrait of a Personal Trainer

Branding portrait of a Pittsburgh Executive:

Branding Portrait of an Executive