How can I prepare my child for a portrait?

My goal is to create a fun and happy environment for your family so that we will get genuine expressions and wonderful portraits of your child.

Please tell them they are going to have a fun day with the family and that I will be joining you to take pictures of all the fun. I encourage you to avoid bribes or threats because this may take away from the concept that the session itself is a treat!

For older babies or young toddlers, you might bring toys that they love that might look nice in a picture.(Wood toys, blankets, classic toys, tricycles, wagons, and blocks all look great.) Other fun session items: bubbles, baby blanket, favorite toy or lovey.

Make sure to feed a meal or snack before your shoot, and avoid treats until after the session is completed--you don't want a photo of your child with M&M's in their mouths, believe me! FAQ's (4).png