What is a custom session?

A custom session is a full length photography session with me, and 90% of my shoots are custom session. Since they are custom, every session is totally different and designed just for you! We will work together to choose a location (studio, home, or outside), clothing, styling, activities, posed and/or more candid portraits, etc. Custom sessions are usually one family (Mom, Dad and kids), but it may include grandparents or pets. This may be a family session that is mostly focused on Mom during her pregnancy, it may focus on a group of siblings, or it may be a newborn baby with Mom, Dad and siblings. There are all different types of families, and I have many ideas and lots of experience with most situations! We will spend around 1-2 hours capturing your portraits, and you will have 30+ gorgeous images to choose from. Custom sessions include complementary hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling.